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  1. fix!
  2. ES Durante la semana del 9 al 13 de octubre todas las donaciones obtendrán 50% off sale en sus compras de wc, por ejemplo si compra 100 usted obtiene 150! También se van a agregar set para los nuevos personajes y así también aumentar la Exp normal para que todo el game se desarrolle en master level EN During the week of October 9-13 all donations will get 50% off sale on your toilet purchases, for example if you buy 100 you get 150! Also they will be adding set for the new personages and also to increase the normal Exp so that the whole game is developed in master level
  3. ES Para obtener gratis wings 2.5 +13, solamente debe votar al servidor lo cual le otrgara 500 golbin point por vote (se puede votar cambiando de ip todas las veces que uno decee) el precio de las alas son en total 100 votos, lo cual se hace rapido si usan vpns como Betternet o alguno para celular! Link para votar: EN To get free wings 2.5 +13, you must only vote for the server which will give you 500 golbin point per vote (you can vote by changing ip as many times as you wish) the price of the wings are in total 100 votes, which is made fast if they use vpns like Betternet or some for cell phone! Link to vote:
  4. send pm here,
  5. There are 2 ways to obtain Goblin Points: The first way is to vote, you can log into our website and press VOTE, in order to obtain reward vote must be VALID, that is that you must cast a vote in xtremetop100 rank. You must click under "Im human" and vote for server, then wait 30s for vote to validate. An account can cast multiple votes with different IP. The other way to obtain GP is by killing certain mobs in server this is a complete list: Golden Goblin 50 Golden Derkon 60 Golden Lizard 80 Golden Tantallo 82 Golden Dark Knight 60 Golden Devil 70 Golden Stone 80 Golden Crust 80 Golden Satyros 90 Golden Twin Tail 100 Golden Iron Knight 150 Golden Napin 150 Great Golden Dragon 250 Golden Rabbit 50 Undine 50 Salamander 50 Sylphid 50 Gnome 50 Hellraiser 50 Sellihoden 75 Ukanva 75 Silla 75 Normus 75 Muff 75
  6. si usted tiene este problema, descarge descargue, instale y abra el mu nuevamente if you have this problem, download download, install and open the mu again
  7. Log in website with your account, press DONATE button and select payment method. After making the purchase, contact an admin via private message or Facebook. Loguea en la página con tu cuenta y presiona DONATE, luego selecciona la forma de pago. Luego de hacer la compra, contacta un admin por mensaje privado o Facebook. Metodos / Methods Mercadopago (pagofacil/rapipago/transferencia bancaria) Paypal Western union Credit card
  8. In this section of the forum we ask users to report the bugs they can find in the beta test! En esta seccion del foro les pedimos a los usuarios que reporten los bugs que puedan encontrar en el beta test!
  9. Welcome to revenge mu forum, here they will be able to be informed and to be able to report or publish topics about the server Revenge Mu season 12 epi 1 Exp x40 Exp master x15 Drop 40% Server full pvp group fb

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